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Meg Webster: Two Walls 1984/2022 CLOSING at Judd Foundation

By Judd Foundation

Judd Foundation is pleased to present Two Walls 1984/2022, an exhibition of two works by Meg Webster on the ground floor of 101 Spring Street in New York.

Two Walls 1984/2022
March 25–May 21, 2022
101 Spring Street
New York, NY

For Two Walls 1984/2022, Webster has remade two works, Soft Broch (1984/2022) and Long Gates (1984/2022), which comprised her solo exhibition of the same title at 101 Spring Street in 1984.

The two works, Soft Broch and Long Gates, are made from earthen materials, hay and rammed earth, respectively. Based on the simple geometry of a square and a circle, each work is an enterable form, a square in rammed earth and a circle in hay, which function as meeting places. The works were first made in 1983, not long after a nuclear war scare with Russia in fall of that year, and now made again in 2022 at a time of climate crisis and on-going human-caused mass extinction.1 With these grave challenges in mind, the works focus the viewer’s attention on the symbiosis between humans and the natural world. As Webster stated in a 2016 interview, “I want you to love more. I want you to care more…It’s about caring for the structure of nature.”2

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101 Spring Street
New York, New York 10012


Event Date: May 21, 2022
Event Time: 5:00PM
Event Duration: 7 hours

Admission Policy:

$24 per person. $11.50 students and seniors, with valid ID.

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