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Greta Watson: Wondrous Planet at Mulberry St NYPL-Final Day Feb 26

By Mulberry Street Branch NYPL

Final Day of Exhibit Greta Watson: Wondrous Planet at Mulberry Street Branch NYPL, SoHo Events: March 31, 2022

Artist Statement: My current art work is a celebration of beloved animals and
humans living on our planet in various environments. My childhood memories of domestic animals, and wild nature
stories that I read or were told to me and my adult travels around the world are references for my paintings and
drawings. In this show, several richly colorful paintings and drawings
depict one-horn rhinos, native to Nepal, charging forward over a barren landscape.

In one painting, I present a ringmaster in the bright lights of the circus juxtaposed with a mother turtle with baby, riding atop
its shell, seeking a safe passage. In another painting, a silhouette of a man intrudes onto a
colony of penguins with melting icebergs in the foreground.

My art is a response to issues for a safe environment for
animals in our climate of global warming.

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10 Jersey Street
New York, NY 10012

(212) 966-3424

Event Date: Feb 26, 2021
Event Time: 5:00PM
Event Duration: 8 hours

Admission Policy:


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