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Fitness Event in SoHo with Gardea Christian @ The Gym

By Gardea Christian

Soho Neighborhood Fitness Events

This is a month long fitness program. Sessions are held at 7am Monday and 7am Friday. This program will improve your cardio and strength. It incorporates exercises and routines from boxing, yoga, and calisthenics. It is led by Gardea Christian.
Gardea Christian is a personal trainer and boxing instructor at Church Street Boxing Gym where he teaches private and group sessions along with all levels of boxing classes. He was a certified MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) Green Belt and trained in the Brown and Black Belt. He has been training individuals and groups since 2005 with marked fitness improvement.
* This Soho Neighborhood Fitness event is sponsored by Trifecta, Sports, Body, Mind and will be held at GYM NYC on 227 Mulberry.
Contact gyjcman@gmail.com or @gyjcman on twitter, FB and instagram.  See www.maximizebasics.com for more information about Gardea Christian fitness consulting.
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227 Mulberry Street
New York, NEW YORK 10012


Event Date: Mar 6, 2018
Event Time: 7:00AM
End Date: Mar 30, 2018
Event Duration: 1 hour every Monday and Friday at 7am

Admission Policy:

Drop in $40  for 1 session


Prepay $200 for 8 sessions

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