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A screening of Florestano Vancini’s “Bronte” @ Center for Italian Modern Art

By Center for Italian Modern Art

SoHo Cultural Events: A screening of Florestano Vancini’s “Bronte” surrounded by works of Italian Modern art!

The fourth film in our Staging Injustice Film Series, Bronte: cronaca di un massacro che i libri di storia non hanno raccontato (Liberty, 1972) is directed by Florestano Vancini and stars Ivo Garrani, Mariano Rigillo, and Ilija Dzuvalekovski.

Synopsis (adapted from IMDB):Mid-19th century Sicily is still a quasi-feudal society, where a destitute farmer and his child can be brutally beaten for collecting dead wood on the landlord’s property. Politically, Sicily is part of a large Southern Italian kingdom. The much more prosperous and advanced Northern regions are fighting to bring about the union of the whole Italian peninsula under the Savoy royal family, originally governing only the Region of Piedmont and the Island of Sardinia. Garibaldi with a thousand volunteers invades Sicily intending to bring Southern Italy under the Savoy rule. The Sicilian peasants view Garibaldi are the liberator from the tyranny of the landed ruling class rather than the idealistic patriot who wants to bring about Italy’s unification. When the news of his imminent arrival reach the village of Bronte, the peasants revolt, looting the landowners houses and warehouses and killing the most hated member of the ruling class. When Garibaldi’s lieutenant arrives to formally occupy the town, he is appalled by the violence. Fearing also that similar lawlessness may spread to neighboring villages, he orders restitution of the looted property and the arrest of most of the adult male population. Moreover he demands a show-trial against five of the townspeople, to serve as a brutal example of the return of law and order.


Thu., Apr 7, 6pm: Gli ultimi (The Last Ones). Directed by Vito Pandolfi (1963).

Thu., Apr 14, 6pm: I compagni (The Organizer). Directed by Mario Monicelli (1963).

Thu., Apr 28, 6pm: Acciaio (Steel). Directed by Walter Ruttmann (1933).

Thu., May 12, 6pm: Rocco e i suoi fratelli (Rocco and His Brothers). Directed by Luchino Visconti (1960).

Thu., May 26, 6pm: Nuovomondo (Golden Door). Directed by Emanuele Crialese (2006), with an introduction by Anthony Tamburri.

Thu., Jun 9, 6pm: Sacco e Vanzetti (Sacco & Vanzetti). Directed by Giuliano Montaldo (1971).

For more information visit the CIMA event page.

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New York, NY 10013

(646) 370-3596

Event Date: Mar 24, 2022
Event Time: 6:00PM
Event Duration: 2 hours

Admission Policy:

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$5 – $10 pp

In-person live event

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