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Event Advisory: Uniqlo SoHo Re-Opening on Friday, 9/2

On Friday 9/2 at 10am, the Uniqlo SoHo store at 546 Broadway will re-open to the public.  As part of the re-opening, Uniqlo will be hosting a Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Friday, 9/2 and  holding special re-opening promotions starting on Friday 9/2 through Monday, 9/5.  In addition, the Uniqlo cube will be on display curbside in front of the store during this time.

The Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Friday, 9/2 is scheduled to start at 9:30am and end at 10:00 am and will include a brief musical performance, speech and ribbon cutting.  Uniqlo SoHo will open immediately after the completion of the ceremony with crowd control measures in place prior to the Ceremony and throughout the day.

As part of the re-opening, Uniqlo SoHo will be running special promotions from 9/2 through 9/5.  As part of these promotions, starting on 9/2 and running through 9/5 Uniqlo SoHo will have additional security personnel outside the store and will set up barricades to cue customers preparing to enter the store.  These measures will ensure the sidewalks remain open and access to buildings and businesses remain open.

While the sidewalk and buildings/businesses access will remain open at all times, we expect that there will be a significant increase in foot traffic in the area on 9/2 and at certain points during the weekend.  If possible, please consider making adjustments for any activity that may be impacted by these events.

The Initiative would like to thank Uniqlo SoHo, the City’s Street Activity Permit Office and the NYPD’s  5th Precinct for working together to ensure a safe event that is respectful of the residential, office and retail members of the SoHo Broadway community.


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