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E-waste Recycling Events in April with LES Ecology Center

SoHo Broadway Partner: Celebrate Earth Month by recycling your E-waste and technotrash with the Lower East Side Ecology Center on April 14th!

The Lower East Side Ecology Center hosts free collection events in partnership with community groups and elected officials across NYC to accept unwanted electronics from NYC residents, small businesses, and nonprofits. We guarantee data security, and donations are tax-deductible. 

Events near SoHo Broadway in April 2024:

Lower East Side (Tompkins Square Park) – Sunday, April 14, 10 am–2 pm

Financial District (Fulton Street b/w Ryders Alley & Cliff St) – Sunday, April 14, 10 am–2 pm

The following working and nonworking electronic equipment will be accepted at collection events:

We do not accept:

*Please visit greendisk.com to purchase a shipping label to get these items recycled.

The E-Waste Collection Process:

  1. Collection – LES hosts electronics recycling events to which NYC residents can bring their working and nonworking electronic equipment.
  2. Sorting – At the collection events, LES staff sorts and palletizes the materials as they come in
  3. Transporting – At the end of each event, LES partner recycler transports the collected materials to their recycling facility.
  4. Evaluation – at the recycling facility, items get evaluated for potential refurbishing and reuse or get recycled by shredding.

Questions? Contact info@lesecologycenter.org

The Ecology Center started its E-Waste Reuse and Recycling Program in 2003 and has diverted over 10.5 million pounds of unwanted electronics from landfills or incineration. While electronics represent a small percentage of our overall waste stream, they contribute disproportionate amounts of toxins and heavy metals to our landfills. By keeping electronic waste out of landfills, the Ecology Center helps to ensure that this waste stream does not pollute our air, water, and communities.

Visit the Lower East Side Ecology Center Website HERE

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