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Curb Management Action Plan by NYC Department of Transportation

SoHo Broadway Partner: NYC DOT seeks to modernize the city’s curb lanes to serve the many needs of New Yorkers in a more equitable way

Curb space is a dynamic and valuable asset that has evolved dramatically in recent years. An efficient, well-functioning curb lane is essential to the quality of life, health, safety, and economic vitality of New York City. The boom in e-commerce and food delivery, increases in for-hire vehicles and bike usage, the introduction of outdoor dining, and new concepts for waste containerization are rapidly reshaping how curbs are used and by whom. This fall, Mayor Adams and the New York City Department of Transportation launched a Curb Management Action Plan which presents a path forward for NYC DOT to implement curb management strategies that address the dynamic community needs of today and better prepare us for the future.

The Curb Management Action Plan outlines steps that NYC DOT is taking to modernize the curb lanes to serve the many needs of New Yorkers in a more equitable way. This Action Plan commits to beginning a more comprehensive, neighborhood-focused approach to programming and regulating the curb to
ensure that the varying needs of different communities are met. It also builds on the work NYC DOT has been doing to make deliveries to homes and businesses easier, as well as to meet Mayor Adams’ ambitious climate goals by reducing vehicle emissions.

The Action Plan lays out ten action items to maximize the City’s curb space to serve the multiple and varied needs of New Yorkers, improving mobility, access, and the flow of people, goods, and services, while moving the city closer to achieving its sustainability goals:

The full Curb Management Action Plan can be downloaded here.

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