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CreateNYC-A Cultural Plan for All New Yorkers

From August 2016 to June 2017, New Yorkers from all walks of life will help shape the future of arts and culture in NYC. CreateNYC will incorporate intensive public input and an in-depth evaluation of the city’s cultural assets in a comprehensive cultural plan. CreateNYC is an exciting opportunity to create a long term roadmap for promoting greater equity, access, diversity and vibrancy, and expanding opportunities for ALL New Yorkers to access and participate in the city’s rich cultural life.

Your input is KEY to the cultural plan. CreateNYC wants to know what culture means to you, how you experience culture in your daily life, and how you think culture can help create a just, inclusive, equitable city. All kinds of tools and forums will enable ALL New Yorkers to make their voices heard–artists, arts institutions, local organizations, educators, funders, city agencies, elected officials and YOU! See below for the many ways that ALL New Yorkers can make their voices heard.



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