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Contribute Your Ideas to Neighborhood Challenge: Connect & Recover

Submit your ideas before June 8th!

Small businesses and tech companies are now welcome to join the Neighborhood Challenge open innovation platform at nyc.ideascale.com. The new platform enables us to crowdsource your local commercial district and small business challenges, build upon those submitted by others, and facilitate collaboration with the tech community on piloting viable solutions. Anyone can now sign up on their own by registering on the site and confirming their email address (check your spam box for the confirmation email).

Please submit your challenges before the initial campaign submission stage closes on June 8, at which point challenges will be addressed by the tech and innovation community. Please continue to engage on and off the platform around any questions you might receive about challenges your organization has submitted, and do your best to drum up interest and champion the ideas that most resonate with you and your small businesses. Broad community interest and tech viability will be among some of the key indicators that will help attract the interest of City agencies and potential private sector funders in getting involved with solution teams.  All who sign up to participate via the platform should receive a verification e-mail from IdeaScale (check your spam filter) to confirm their e-mail address in order to fully participate in the platform. If you have any questions or account issues, please contact the NYC Depatment of Small Business Services team.

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