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Connect to Hyperlocal Talent with NYC’s Summer Youth Employment Program

SoHo Broadway Partner: Work with local young people at no cost to employers

The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is the nation’s largest youth employment program, connecting NYC youth between the ages of 14 and 24 with career exploration opportunities and paid work experience each summer. Participants have the opportunity to explore their interests and career pathways, develop workplace skills and engage in learning experiences that help in developing their social, civic, and leadership skills. As employer partners, companies and organizations large and small can become directly involved in NYC’s economic recovery, connect to hyperlocal talent, and ensure that NYC youth are prepared for careers of the future.

Become an Employment Partner!

The unprecedented expansion of the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) is a win-win for both young New Yorkers and employer partners, who can add the energy, creativity, and talent of our city’s future workforce to their offices, storefronts, and hybrid work environments at no cost this summer.

Employer Benefits

Community Benefits

Become a part of this historic investment in our city’s young people by visiting nyc.gov/hirenycyouth. The oldest and largest summer jobs program in the country, SYEP serves young New Yorkers ages 14 to 24, providing them with paid work experience and an opportunity to build skills, explore potential career paths, and prepare for success in the world of work. Ladders for Leaders, a component of SYEP, is a nationally recognized program that offers select high school and college students the opportunity to participate in paid professional summer internships.All employers, large and small, representing the City’s many industries including business, healthcare, technology, hospitality, construction, non-profit, media, retail, real estate and more, are welcome to participate. Visit nyc.gov/hirenycyouth to learn more and commit to hiring NYC youth this summer.

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