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Cast Iron Partner Award Recipient Jim Martin

Jim Martin is Executive Director for ACE, the Association of Community Programs for the Homeless, who provides sanitation services for the SoHo Broadway Initiative

Jim was among this year’s six Cast Iron Partner Award recipients at the SoHo Broadway Initiative’s 5th Annual Meeting! We caught up with Jim to learn about what brought him to SoHo and his involvement in the community.

Year of arrival on SoHo Broadway: December 2014

What brought you to SoHo Broadway? What do you do here?

I am the Executive Director of ACE (The Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless). ACE provides sanitation services for the SoHo Broadway Initiative, beginning work in December 2104. 

What does your organization do, what industry are you in?

Founded in SoHo 1992, ACE is a non profit 501(c)3 that works with homeless men and women throughout New York City, providing job training, work experience, employment opportunities and a lifetime support network to help our program participants achieve their goals and establish economic independence.

What do you like about SoHo Broadway?

The beauty of the architecture, the rich history of the area, and the electric energy on the street all combine to make SoHo Broadway one of my favorite NYC destinations.

What is your favorite SoHo Broadway memory or experience?

ACE’s first official day in the SoHo Broadway district was in mid-November 2014. It was a rainy, cold morning when the ACE team and I walked out onto Broadway to start our first day of work. The district was littered with graffiti and stickers, the streets dirty, garbage cans overflowing. I knew we were facing our biggest challenge to date as an organization but I knew in my heart we could do the work. I find that the difference between successful people and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will. On that day, and every day going forward, I had the willpower to make this work. We would not fail! Four-plus years later and we are still doing the work and SoHo Broadway looks beautiful!!

If you had 20 minutes, where would you go?

Tough question. Probably to Washington Square Park. It’s the greatest place in New York City to visit. You can sit and relax or you can people watch. Amazing history and just a great vibe.

What should we know about you outside of working here?  What do you do for fun or are you looking forward to doing?

I spend my time with my wife and my son, going to the beach, going to the movies, going to the park, playing outside, going for bike rides or hikes, just enjoying being a family. I never miss a New York Giants football game, or a Pearl Jam concert! 

Marc Dicus, 2019 Cast Iron Partner Jim Martin (ACE Programs for the Homeless) & Brian Steinwurtzel
SoHo Broadway Initiative Executive Director Marc Dicus, 2019 Cast Iron Partner Jim Martin (ACE Programs for the Homeless) & SoHo Broadway Initiative President Brian Steinwurtzel

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