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Business and Commercial Buildings Go Green in 2017

Businesses and commercial property owners play a crucial role in protecting our environment and achieving the Mayor’s goal of reducing commercial waste by 90% by 2030. In addition to lowering costs by avoiding common sanitation violations, businesses can benefit by reducing their carbon footprint, maintaining a clean property, and increasing their competitive edge.

New commercial recycling rules regarding ‘zero waste’ from DSNY went into effect back on August 1st, 2016.

All businesses and commercial buildings in New York City are required to recycle. DSNY is giving businesses one-year warning period to come into compliance with the the recycling rules where DSNY will issue warnings instead of penalties for non-compliance.  The warning period will end on August 1st, 2017.

We have put together some resources to help your business and commercial building come into compliance while helping the City make progress toward its Zero Waste goal.

For more information, visit the DSNY’s Zero Waste for Businesses  resource page for all of the materials DSNY has pulled together to help your business or building go green in 2017.

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