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Welcome New SoHo Broadway Initiative Board Members and Officers!

SoHo Broadway Initiative: A congratulations and thank you to new and departing board members and officers

At the 8th Annual Meeting on Tuesday, November 15th, 2022, the SoHo Broadway Initiative’s registered membership held board elections, which included candidates for five open positions as well as seven members who ran for re-election. The Initiative congratulates the following members and alternates on their election to the Board. For Class A1 (Commercial Property Owner): Neith Stone (alternate: David Kaye), Arif Shah, Richard Benenson, John Pasquale (alternate William Fung), and Gaston Silva (alternate: Ashley Natale). For Class A2 (Residential Property Owner): Susan Shoemaker, Margaret Baisley, Maria Feliciano, and Emily Hellstrom. For Class B (commercial tenant/shareholder): Greg Kraut (alternate Rod Kritsberg), James Cavello (alternate Margarite Almeida) and Jason Frabizio, alternate for Jeannette Rodriguez. For Class C: Sharon Ermilio (alternate James Ermilio), and Renee Monrose, alternate for Pete Davies.

We hope you’ll take a moment to get to know our five new board members and welcome them if you see them around the neighborhood:

Neith Stone

Neith Stone is an Asset and Leasing Management Associate at GFP Real Estate, the owner of 560 and 594 Broadway that combined house 425,000 square feet of commercial space with approximately 150 commercial tenants, many of which are small businesses, non-profits and artists from the local community. Neith is a local resident, having grown up in neighboring Greenwich Village. Neith is looking forward to using her perspective and experiences to help SoHo Broadway to improve the quality of life of all members of the SoHo Broadway community.

Arif Shah

Arif Shah is a Managing Director at SHVO where he oversees the firm’s commercial properties, including 530 Broadway which is a collection of 3 buildings at the northeast corner of Broadway and Spring. Arif has been coming to coming to SoHo for decades and today is thrilled to be overseeing the redevelopment of a building driven by the aim of merging the artistic spirit of the neighborhood with deliberate design and bespoke art. Arif recognizes the importance of building a strong and supportive relationship with residential, retail and office neighbors in addition to the many visitors that frequent the area. As a board member, Arif looking forward to become more knowledgeable and better-positioned to contribute toward the overall well being and success of SoHo Broadway.

Susan Shoemaker is a long-time resident and owner of an apartment at 476 Broadway, where Susan is also a board member and Treasurer of the Condo Board. Susan is a distinguished architect and urban designer who loves SoHo’s unique architecture and walkability. Susan is looking forward to learning more about the issues facing SoHo Broadway and having a seat at the table to work on solutions to those problems. 

Greg Kraut is the co-founder and CEO of KPG Funds, which redevelops architecturally significant buildings by transforming them into boutique office space with vibrant ground floor retail. KPG Funds owns and manages two buildings in the district on Broadway among a portfolio of buildings in SoHo and adjacent neighborhoods. KPG funds is headquartered at 433 Broadway. With a Bachelor of Arts degree from George Washington University, Greg appreciates SoHo’s long-standing role as a hub for culture and art in lower Manhattan that draws visitors from around the world. 

Maria Felicano is a long-time resident of 543 Broadway who has spent the past two years as a board alternate attending board meetings regularly. Maria is an art historian who believes in preserving historic environments as living and contemporary expressions of society. As a board member, Maria is interested in a balanced and fair representation of all stakeholders who work together to advance the common good. 

Immediately following the Annual Meeting, the Initiative’s Board of Directors met to elect new officers. We are thrilled to announce that James Cavello has been elected as President, Michelle Choi as Vice President, Sharon Ermilio as Secretary, and that Richard Benenson will continue to serve as Treasurer for another term. Congratulations to this new group of leaders and thank you for stepping up to serve the organization in these important roles.

We look forward to working with new Board members and Officers in their leadership of the Initiative during the coming months and years!

We also extend a special acknowledgment to all of our outgoing officers and Board members for their years of service to the community: Founding President Brian Steinwurtzel; Founding Vice President Emily Hellstrom who is stepping down from her officer role but remaining on the Board; Founding Board Members Jared Epstein, Paul Farr, and Mary Rolland, and long-standing Board Member DJ Williams, all of whom stepped down from the Board. These individuals’ leadership and countless hours of service has been invaluable to the ongoing success of the organization!

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