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Aftercare: Resource Center For Long COVID

Looking for COVID Support and wondering where to start? NYC’s Health + Hospitals introduce Take Care’s AfterCare Resource Center

Are you still feeling COVID-19 symptoms, weeks or months later? It might be Long COVID.

NYC Health + Hospital’s Take Care’s AfterCare Resource Center provides information and tools related to Long COVID, and connects New Yorkers with Long COVID to health and social needs resources that support them in their recovery.

What is Long COVID?

Individuals with Long COVID typically experience a range of symptoms that develop during or following a case of COVID-19, and may continue for weeks or months. Long COVID symptoms may mean that you…

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How can Aftercare help?

You can call NYC HHS at 1-212-268-4319

or complete this online form to be connected to resources: https://covid19.nychealthandhospitals.org/AfterCare/

Learn more about the complexity of Long Covid and it’s range of symptoms from diagnosis to past 6 months: https://hhinternet-test.azurewebsites.net/test-and-trace/after-care/long-covid/

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