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A Message from the Executive Director, February 2019

A Message from the Executive Director, February 2019

Manhattan Borough President Brewer, Council Member Chin and the Department of City Planning have initiated a planning effort that includes opportunities for community input through events like the public open house on February 6th and through the formation of the SoHo NoHo Advisory Group made up of SoHo and NoHo stakeholder groups that represent residents, arts and cultural organizations, businesses, property owners and historic preservation advocates.

At the end of 2016, the Initiative formed a committee made up of residents and commercial property owners to look at the zoning found along Broadway, the current uses found here, as well as, how the zoning is supposed to work and how it works in practice.  The result of that year and a half long effort was the publication of the SoHo Zoning Guidebook in July 2018.  The Zoning Guidebook serves as an educational resource to elevate the community’s understanding of SoHo’s history and zoning, particularly along Broadway, and helps residents, property owners and businesses to meaningfully participate in conversations about the future of SoHo.

In creating the Guidebook, the Initiative held dozens of meetings with residents, commercial property owners, office tenants and retail businesses as well as with representatives from organizations that represent these stakeholders (Broadway Residents Coalition, REBNY, SoHo Alliance and SoHo NoHo Advisory Group) to develop an intimate knowledge of the needs and concern of the various stakeholders who are members of the SoHo Broadway community.

The Initiative is encouraged that Borough President Brewer, Council Member Chin and the City have created a process to listen to the concerns and needs of stakeholders who make up the world-class mixed-use neighborhoods of SoHo and NoHo.  As a member of the Advisory Group, the Initiative has a seat at the table and is well positioned to advocate on behalf of the diverse needs of the SoHo Broadway community.

I hope you will join us on February 6 at 6:15 to learn more about the upcoming process and share some initial feedback.    

In partnership,

Mark Dicus

Executive Director

SoHo Broadway Initiative

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