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A Tale of Two Buildings

SoHo Broadway History: Looking back at 591 and 593 Broadway, a mismatched pair

This month, the Initiative is looking back at 591-593 Broadway, a pair of buildings completed in 1860 that shared an identical facade for nearly 40 years. The two buildings originally operated under separate ownership and a mix of retailers opened their businesses at 591-593.

An article from Daytonian in Manhattan charts the commercial history of 591-593 Broadway. Between 1860 and 1870, a tailoring business moved into 591 Broadway. From 1870-1900, E & H.T Anthony, a manufacturer of photographic materials, took over the entire building at 591 Broadway. Later, a rubber company took over the building. Next door at 593, T.S Berry sold pianos and other instruments. Later, Topham, Weld & Co., a men’s furnishings company, ran their business from 593.

At the turn of the 20th century, 591 Broadway (left) underwent significant renovations at the request of new building ownership, marking its transformative visual departure from 593 Broadway (right). The ground floors at 591-593 are currently combined to host a single retail tenant. As pictured below, Victoria’s Secret previously occupied the ground floors of 591-593 until 2020.

Source: Daytonian in Manhattan

As of this writing, exterior work is underway on the facade, and we eagerly await the next retail tenant on the ground floor.

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