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SoHo Broadway Events: A look back and a look ahead

A look back at Art Nouveau 495 Broadway

A look back at the 433 Broadway, once home to a unique park and hexagonal bank.

SoHo Broadway History: A 1978 painting by May Stevens offers an entry point to the stories of SoHo’s women artists

SoHo Broadway History: Houdini’s origins can be traced to our district

SoHo Broadway History: Exploring the area’s 20th century history as a nexus of automotive service businesses

SoHo Broadway History: The late architect and developer played a key role in the transformation of SoHo into an artist community and historic district

SoHo Broadway History: Petrosino Square is small but packed with history and is one of the few public realm oases serving our district

SoHo Broadway History: Looking back on the stylistic origins of SoHo’s iconic architecture

ny-layered past lies behind the cast-iron facade of this SoHo building

SoHo Broadway History: 2004 subway art installation still resonates today

Dean & Deluca, the high-end food purveyor at the corner of Broadway and Prince Street, opened in 1973 as The Cheese Store at 120 Prince Street (between Greene and Wooster). In 1977, Giorgio DeLuca…

When you think of the SoHo Broadway streetscape, you think of cast iron, water towers, street lights and maybe even vault lights, but what about Belgian blocks?

Look up. Look way up! Although they may look like remnants from New York’s past, 99% of the water towers in SoHo, including those along SoHo Broadway, are still in use and they are still being manufactured locally by two New York City companies that fabricate and maintain these cherished gems from SoHo’s skyline.

Have you ever wondered why some buildings in SoHo have “HOLLOW SIDEWALK” or “VAULTED SIDEWALK” signs posted on their facades?

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