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Rage and Radioactivity: Brooke Bolander’s ‘The Only Harmless Great Thing’- Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe

By Housing Works Bookstore & Cafe

Cultural Events from a Soho Nonprofit - Housing Works 

Savinio Echoes: Saya Woolfalk And Lucas Blalock In Conversation

By The Center for Italian Modern Art

Soho Events Savinio’s “pre-postmodern” paintings are eccentric, vividly colored, and widely varied, containing everything from abstract patterning to traditional landscapes to mythological figures and engaging elements of surrealism, the fantastic, and the absurd. Contemporary artists Saya Woolfalk and Lucas Blalock join art historian Lauren Rosati in a conversation on their own practices and recent projects, and also respond to the exhibition on view, offering contemporary perspectives on Savinio’s pioneering work. This discussion around inter-generational creativity will explore the role of surrealism, myth, fantasy, history, color, and hybrid forms in each of these artists’ works, revealing affinities and shared interests.

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